HP DreamScreen 100

HP DreamScreen 100 digital photo frame

Ideally, the HP DreamScreen 100 is a digital photo frame, but this does not just display your family portraits. It can actually function like a stand-alone tablet PC. Simply connect this 10-inch model to either WiFi or Ethernet and you get access to a multitude of built-in audio and visual applications.

For instance, the HP DreamScreen 100 can stream your favorite Internet radio stations, with up to 10,000 channels to choose from including Pandora and HP's own Net radio stations. You can also check your friends' updates or upcoming events on Facebook, your online photo albums on Snapfish, as well as other popular apps.

And before we forget that is works as a digital picture frame, you can transfer your photos, audio files, and even video clips from PC via USB to DreamScreen's 2GB internal memory, as well as your choice of popular media cards such as Memory Stick, SDHC, MMC, and USB flash drives. Wireless streaming of audio and photos can also be achieved here. It can display a variety of image formats such as JPEG, BMP, and PNG. You can even opt to show the clock next to the slide show.

The HP DreamScreen 100 is available at your favorite online stores, costing at least US$249.

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